Marketing Operations and Automation Consulting

I’ve worked in the marketing automation space for the past 6 years in consulting and in-house roles. I help marketing teams drive more revenue with improved automation and attribution strategies. 


My Marketing Services.


If you're looking to implement or optimize Marketo or Hubspot, I can work with your requirements to build integrations, set up scalable lead processes, and train your team on marketing automation best practices. 

We'll upgrade your platform to include:


It can be difficult for your marketing team to understand its full contribution to deals closed. I'll work with your team to build the data infrastructure, automated reports, and decks to present your team's impact to a C-Level audience. 

We'll reveal your team's revenue impact with:

  • Seamless integrations with Salesforce, Data Enrichment, Webinar platforms, ABM tools, and all other MarTech

  • Campaign templates that are easy to clone and set you up for reporting success

  • Best-in-class Lead Scoring, Lead Assignment, and Source tagging

  • Automated "First Touch" and "Last Touch" opportunity tagging in your MAP and Salesforce

  • Reports and dashboards in Salesforce for your SFDC-trained audience, and in Gsheets/Slides for the not-so-SFDC-inclined. 

  • Visibility into MQL to opportunity conversion, pipeline created, and revenue won by your channels and campaigns


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